If you’re looking for a sweeping and scrubbing company that will help reduce your total cost to clean, provide expert advice and meet your sweeping and scrubbing needs at an affordable cost
then Betta Sweep Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing is the answer.

Industrial Sweeping & Scrubbing Melbourne

We’ve been helping clean, sweep and scrub floors and road surfaces for more nearly 30 years. Not surprisingly a large part of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth! This is because our business is built around a strong commitment to providing our clients with a prompt, reliable and efficient sweeping and scrubbing service.

We have an outstanding attention to detail and understand the need for getting jobs done right the first time with minimum disruptions to our clients. High quality, consistent sweeping and scrubbing is what Betta Sweep promise………and we only deliver what we promise!

Whether you require sweeping, scrubbing or both, Betta Sweep delivers a range of regular sweeping and scrubbing services as well as once off and emergency seeping & scrubbing services and solutions.

We use only the latest state-of-the-art industrial sweepers and industrial scrubbers which includes specialised sweeping and scrubbing machines that we use in warehouses, factories, car parks, hotels and in the food industry to name but a few! All of our floor scrubbers are also fitted with specialised vacuum systems that filters the air and ensures a dust free environment.

Betta Sweep’s large range of industrial sweepers and sweeping machines means that we can provide a range of sweeping and scrubbing solutions for businesses and other facilities of all types and sizes.


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