Industrial Sweeping & Scrubbing Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we sweep car parks?

We can sweep size car parks of any size. We have a range of specialised street sweepers including compact sweepers to best perform the task at hand. We sweep shopping centre car parks, commercial and business car parks, Council car parks, medical centres and hospital car parks of all sizes.

Q. Can you sweep underground car parks?

We can sweep underground and multi-level car parks. Generally we require a minimum height clearance of 2.4 metres, however with our range of industrial sweeping machines, we can provide clients numerous options.

Q. Can we control the amount of dust raised whilst sweeping?

Yes, all of our industrial sweeping machines utilise the latest in dust suppression technologies to ensure essential dust suppression required when sweeping. What’s more we know the problems that dust can cause, and for this reason we have a high level of commitment to servicing and maintaining all of our machinery to the highest standards, paying particular attention to the dust suppression filters on a regular basis. Our high standards benefit all of our customers.

Q. What are the factors to be taken into account when considering sweeping or scrubbing?

There are some initial factors to consider when determining whether sweeping, scrubbing or a combination of both is best for you. For example if you have a warehouse you may wish to consider the size and amount of dirt and debris particles that are generated. You need to consider the characteristics of the dirt, for example is it fibrous, oily, dusty or wet. Then you need to consider the type of floor surface, is it concrete, coated concrete, tile, outdoors surface or other? You also need to consider what you classify as ‘clean.’ For example, if ‘clean’ means getting rid of numerous forklift tire marks and other stains in addition to dust and debris build up in a factory, then your cleaning process will require both scrubbing as well as sweeping. This is where Betta Sweep can assess your specific needs and can advise on alternative solutions and maintenance programs to best suit you requirements.

Q. Can you provide a FREE quote?

Yes, we not only provide a FREE quote for once off and regular maintenance sweeping and scrubbing, we can provide expert advice and alternative cleaning solutions. Cleaning is our business and we are there to help you.

Q. When do you operate?

We operate our sweeping and scrubbing services, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!

Q. Can you provide an emergency sweeping and scrubbing service?

Yes, if an emergency occurs and you require a fast, effective sweeping or scrubbing solution as a result of a flood damage, storm damage, an oil spill or other event the call us. In most cases we can respond quickly especially when flood or liquid damages occur. Our scrubbing machines are equipped to handle most spill situations, and will remove large volumes of water or liquid in very quick time.

Q. What sort of insurance do you carry?

We have a $20,000,000 public liability cover and all or our machinery and all of our staff are fully insured. We also comply with all relevant OH&S requirements and our staff have ‘Working with Children Checks’.

Q. How long has Betta Sweep been operating?

Betta Sweep Industrial sweeping was established in 1983 and has a reputation for excellence in our industry with many satisfied customers from a wide and varied range of businesses and organisations throughout Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, The Dandenongs and across Victoria.


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