Factory Sweeping & Scrubbing

Printing is an industry were time is paramount! It’s also one when the wheels of machinery are in motion dust can be a major issue, not just for the staff but a potential major issue for machinery. Betta Sweep conducts sweeping and scrubbing service late in the evening on a regular monthly basis. By using environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning detergents and floor scrubbers with a specialised vacuum system that filters the air, this ensures a clean dry and dust free finish and working environment.


Warehouse Sweeping & Scrubbing

After using two other sweeping companies, with unsatisfactory results, Betta Sweep was engaged to conduct sweeping and scrubbing of this major online shopping warehouse floor on a weekly basis. Due to the demands on the warehouse in terms operating for extended hours, Betta Sweep utilise it’s versatile range of floor sweepers and scrubbers including a small battery powered scrubber and a large ride on scrubber, at different times that suit the client to control dust and dirt build up from ruining stock and minimising any OH&S potential hazards.


New Facility Sweeping & Scrubbing

Betta Sweep was engaged by Flavourite Tomatoes in Warragul to sweep a newly built hot house before pressure washing. The sweeping job required the removal of red dust and mud. This allowed the concreters to then  pressure wash the floor, however this posed the problem of an unusable facility for  a number of days whilst the facility was drying.  Betta Sweep advised that through the use of their specialised scrubbing machines all the excess water could be extracted efficiently and quickly. By using Betta Sweeps scrubbers the floor was quickly dried and ready for immediate use saving the client both time and additional labour costs for manpower to manually dry.


Maintenance Facility Sweeping & Scrubbing

Metro Trains new state-of-the art Train Maintenance Facility situated in Craigieburn where the maintenance and daily cleaning of Melbourne’s metropolitan train fleet is undertaken to provide a more efficient rail network.

The facility was having problems with on-going grease and oil spills to their floor surfaces. Apart from being unsightly in a new facility, grease and oil build up posed a significant risk of injury to staff and workers.

Betta Sweep is employed on a regular fortnightly basis to eliminate the problem with regular a sweeping and scrubbing service in order to maintain a cleaner, safer working environment and to maintain a professional image for Metro Trains.

The result is a satisfied client with a professional, clean and most importantly a safe work environment of all floor surfaces.

Betta Sweep provides both a regular scheduled sweeping service, as well once off cleans to maintain premises to the highest standards.

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