Industrial Cleaning in Melbourne: Warehouse, Factory or Street Cleaning

At Betta Sweep, we always like to say that we don’t cut corners, but we do clean them. As a premier, long-lived industrial cleaning company in Melbourne, we have the knowledge and experience to clean virtually any floor or site you could name. From streets and parking lots to factories and warehouses, our teams have the sweeping and scrubbing equipment to handle almost any job. No matter the project, we are prompt, thorough and reliable.

Our Reputation for Excellence

We started Betta Sweep as a small family-owned business in Melbourne in 1984. Thirty-four years later, we’re still family-owned, but we’ve grown considerably, thanks in part to our reputation for excellent service. Over the years, most our client relationships have started thanks to referrals and positive word of mouth. We believe this track record shows our penchant for delivering satisfactory services, no matter the client or job.

There have been numerous different clients and jobs, too. One of the things we pride ourselves on at Betta Sweep is versatility. If you need factory cleaning in Melbourne, you can call us. If you need warehouse cleaning, we’re there to help with that, too. Councils have hired us for street cleaning. Property developers and builders have hired us to tidy up their sites upon project completion. Private companies have trusted us to keep their car parks clean and welcoming. From small private enterprises to huge corporations to governments, our clients have run quite the range.

Part of the reason that so many different entities have trusted Betta Sweep with their industrial cleaning needs is that we go beyond mere aesthetics in our work. Sure, we can help you make a space look tidy and clean. However, the ‘look’ factor is only one benefit of what we do. Cleaning up debris and removing it from factories, car parks, warehouses or other sites is also something that provides considerable practical benefits.

For instance, as dirt and dust accumulate in a warehouse or factory setting, it can affect air quality and cause problems with your business’s OH&S compliance. Also, dirt and dust can affect the performance of critical equipment or machinery, leading to premature breakdowns in a factory setting. For warehouses, all that debris can ruin stock and cost your business thousands of dollars in lost inventory. Investing in regular factory or warehouse cleaning in Melbourne will preserve air quality and protect equipment and stock.

Call Betta Sweep for Industrial Floor Cleaning in Melbourne

Whether you need someone to handle a street cleaning project or sweep the floors of your distribution centre, Betta Sweep can help. With 38 years of experience as an industrial floor cleaning company in Melbourne, we can help you with virtually any industrial building or worksite. Give us a call on 0439 933 385 if you are interested in discussing our services in greater detail.

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